Chairman of Kangmei Pharmaceutical emphasized the need to strengthen the research and development of


During the National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in 2021, Hu Jiqiang, a member of the National People's Congress and Chairman of Kangmei Pharmaceuticals, suggested enhancing the research and development of new anti-aging food and drugs. Hu Jiqiang told reporters that in order to extend life and maintain youthfulness, the world is actively researching anti-aging food and drug products. Recently, new anti-aging food/drug products containing NMN (β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) as the main ingredient have become one of the most popular products in the health supplement industry.


"Currently, NMN-based NAD+ supplements have become hot-selling products in the global nutrition and health market, even with their high prices. They continue to receive attention from the capital market and the nutrition and health industry. With the development of the national economy, Chinese consumers' awareness of health and demand for anti-aging products are continuously growing. New anti-aging food/drug products represented by NMN have immense consumer potential."

Hu Jiqiang pointed out that due to the lack of effective safety, functional, and quality control evaluation research on NMN for consumption in China, according to existing food safety laws and regulations, NMN has not yet been included in the list of new food ingredients, health food ingredients, or food additives. After the concept of NMN anti-aging became popular in China, to meet compliance requirements, related companies have adopted an "export to domestic sales" production and operation model, which invisibly increases operating costs for companies and limits the development of related domestic enterprises and industries.

Hu Jiqiang stated that for China, there is already a mature NMN raw material production line and a stable consumer base. Thus, it is urgent to strengthen the research and development of new anti-aging food/drug products represented by NMN and support the healthy development of related industries.

Therefore, he suggested speeding up the research on the safety and anti-aging mechanism of NMN for consumption, concentrating resources to support it, supporting relevant regions or companies in constructing a complete NMN industry chain and ecosystem, promoting the rapid development of the entire health industry, and guiding companies to include NMN in the list of new food and health food ingredients.

Simultaneously, he proposed encouraging research institutions to engage in the development of new anti-aging drugs, authorizing relevant regions to explore and establish relevant food safety local standards, further strengthening the regulation of new anti-aging products produced using NMN as a raw material, enhancing supervision of the distribution process and e-commerce platforms to crack down on illegal marketing of NMN-based nutritional supplements under false claims of foreign high-tech products and "elixirs of eternal youth."