NMN: Removing the Obstacles for Older People to Enjoy a High-Quality Life in Their Later Years


Aging should not be a barrier to enjoying a high-quality life in old age. With the discovery of NMN, we now have a powerful tool to combat the effects of aging and enable older individuals to live a fulfilling and vibrant life.

China is the country with the largest aging population in the world. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, as of 2019, the population of elderly people aged 65 and above in China has reached 12.57% of the total population, far exceeding the standard set by the United Nations for an aging society. Additionally, the degree of aging continues to deepen, making the issue of elderly care a focal point of social concern. The emergence of NMN will help alleviate this problem.

Respecting and caring for the elderly has always been a traditional virtue in Chinese society. Therefore, the government has implemented a series of preferential policies in various aspects such as entertainment, transportation, and healthcare for people aged 65 and above. Elderly individuals can enjoy free access to parks, museums, etc., ride public buses within the city for free, and be exempt from regular outpatient registration fees. They also receive a certain amount of pension every month. With these benefits, the lives of elderly people are expected to be quite fulfilling.

However, aging significantly reduces the quality of life for older adults. As people age, their mobility slows down, their thinking becomes less clear, and they may even develop conditions like Alzheimer's disease, which affects their cognitive abilities. The discovery of NMN, on the other hand, can effectively improve this phenomenon and remove the obstacles that aging poses to older individuals' enjoyment of life.

Additionally, NMN has been found to effectively increase the levels of NAD+ in the body. As an important coenzyme that governs a quarter of the body's physiological activities, the elevation of NAD+ brings various benefits to the human body. By repairing DNA damage and effectively inhibiting the aging process, NMN enables older individuals to avoid the effects of aging-related diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and enjoy their elderly years in good health.