nad+ subcutaneous injection benefits


A Subcutaneous Injection is an injection administered under the skin as opposed to into a vein like the intravenous injections.

Sub means under Cutis is skin and cutaneous means ‘relating to or affecting the skin’.

Altogether it means ‘beneath the skin’.


so why get nad+ subcutaneous injection and what are the benefts?


1, slow release and more effective

This is the subcutaneous tissue where the injection goes in. As you can see it has lots of fat and fewer blood vessels. So it’s a good place for a slow release drug to go since it take longer to get swept up into the bloodstream etc. So essentially, your capillaries have to do all the legwork to get the drug into the bloodstream and they’re quite small so it takes a while.

This is why this method of injection if favored among recreational drug users who refer to it as ‘Skin Popping’. Since it is very slowly being dispersed, this method would extend the duration of the high for a drug like can cocaine.

These are the areas where most people would administers a Subcutaneous Injection. As you can see they’re usually the more fatty areas.

2, Sustainable effect

When I received my first injection, my body tingled and I felt “revved” up, almost as if I drank an energy drink (which I don’t do). The feeling only lasted about 15-20 minutes but my improved mental clarity lasted several days. I quickly became in love with this product but lets see what our patients think.

 There come feedbacks of my friends:

“I see a cloud was finally lifted”

“There is a great improvement in my exercise endurance; I don’t feel as tired during workouts”

“I have more motivation. Not sure if its placebo or not, but on the days I get the NAD+ shots, I am so much more productive. The other day I went home and cleaned out my closet”

“My energy is definitely better with NAD+ injections, but I’m just hoping to prevent my risk of getting Alzheimer’s since it runs so rampant in my family. I guess time will tell”

“After about 4 injections, my smell finally came back post-COVID”


 In summary

A Subcutaneous Injection helps the body absorb the NAD+ slowly and more effective. Besides, we’ve also seen sustainable effect for being more energetic and motivative. It is a good choice  if you want to have NAD +.