Dosage and methods of taking anti-aging supplements - nmn and resveratrol


   Let's talk about the most effective dosage and methods of taking anti-aging supplements:nmn and resveratrol.We’ll know if we can take nmn and resveratrol together at night and how we can take it after the reading.

 nmn and resveratrol

The following dialogue is an interview with two professors, separated by a dividing line. 

01 How to take NMN Huberman: In terms of dosage, if I choose to take NMN as a supplement to increase my NAD levels and slow down aging, how much NMN should I take?

What do you do? Are there other methods? Some methods better than others?

Sinclair: I'm always happy to tell you what I do, as well as what my 82-year-old father does. Both of us take one gram of NMN daily.

Huberman: So the daily intake consists of one gram of resveratrol and one gram of NMN, which is 1,000 milligrams.

Sinclair: Yes.


Now, there's something important to note: I am different from others. I have a different microbiome, different age, and gender, right?


So, I've been measuring myself based on 45 different measurements, so I know if there are certain substances that make me better or worse, or at least I think I know.


So, I just want people to be aware that what I do may not be perfect or suitable for everyone.


But, as I mentioned earlier, I've studied dozens of people taking NMN, and the dosage is typically one gram, sometimes two grams.


From observing all these individuals, I know that if you do what I do, your NAD levels will increase about two-fold or more. So, I do it every day, taking 1,000 milligrams.


Now, there are companies selling resveratrol, but I don't venture into brands or such things. Firstly, I don't have time to measure products.


I do want to say that I'm working on a solution to let people know what's effective, what's real, and what's not, but I haven't achieved it yet.


In the meantime, I'd say if you really want to buy it, assuming you want to buy NMN, look for a mature company with high-level quality control. Look for the three letters - GMP - which stands for Good Manufacturing Practice.


GMP means they produce under certain quality control measures. You won't find metal filings in their products, and they likely contain what they claim. But that's all I can say for now.


I'm working on something more helpful, but overall, make sure the NMN is white crystalline powder. It tastes like burnt popcorn to me.


Huberman: Do you open the capsules and taste a sample to ensure it tastes like burnt popcorn?


Sinclair: Yes, when I make the capsules, I taste it and do a lot of quality control on what I take.


Huberman: Do you take the resveratrol all at once or split it throughout the day?


Sinclair: These are all taken in the morning.


So, if I take metformin, I take it along with NMN and resveratrol. There is sound reason behind this. It's all science, and I work hard on it. (Method of intake: NMN + resveratrol + olive oil)


In the morning, our NAD levels naturally rise. Our bodies actually have an NAD cycle, which is not stable...


In fact, NAD controls your clocks. About ten years ago, Shin Imai and his colleagues demonstrated this in a fascinating scientific paper.


NAD is controlled by the sirtuin genes we study, and if you disrupt the NAD cycle, it's like telling your body, "Oh, it's time to eat and sleep."


If you take NMN late at night, you can disrupt your circadian rhythm.


Instead, when I travel and want to align my biological clock with the local time zone, I take NMN in the (local) morning, and it feels great.


02 Is NMN an intelligence tax? Huberman: Does this method of intake work for you, and does it have any direct impact on increasing energy?


You mentioned earlier that it takes at least two weeks to start seeing an increase in NAD levels if it's effective. When NAD levels increase, can you expect an overall increase in energy, focus, etc.?


We are not making any promises here, but I just want to know if the only measure of effectiveness is whether you die at XX age or XX age + 20 years.


Of course, once you are dead, even if you've done something differently, you really don't know if you would have lived longer or not.


Sinclair: Of course!


Well, a study conducted by my good friend Shin Imai at Washington University in St. Louis indicated that insulin sensitivity also improves with this (taking resveratrol + NMN). Remember, improved insulin sensitivity is a good thing.


But unless you measure glucose, you won't know your insulin sensitivity, which involves putting a glucose monitor on your arm.


Huberman: Are you using it now?


Sinclair: No, I used to wear a glucose monitor, and I learned a lot from it.


Huberman: Yes, last time I saw you wearing that thing, it looked like a small extract, not a big one, and it was measuring your glucose.


Continuous glucose monitor Sinclair: They provide a lot of information, so you get to know how your body reacts to certain substances, and glucose is really not good. Rhonda Patrick agrees with this.


Hmm, where were we? What was the question?


Huberman: My question is whether you can expect a direct impact on energy, vitality, attention, or overall well-being.


Sinclair: So, your question is - "How does it feel?"


Interestingly, because I've been taking it for a long time, if I don't take it, I start feeling like I'm already 50 years old - which is terrifying, I dare not think about it. It might be a placebo, but who knows?


But what we are doing now is very carefully designed clinical trials.


We've done a two-year safety study before, and now, at Harvard Medical School, we are treating elderly patients with some excellent colleagues. These patients actually receive MRIs.


So, while they exercise, we can measure the energy and NAD levels in their legs in real-time. This will tell us if the endurance increase we observed in mice is truly effective in humans.


Meanwhile, interestingly, I have many athlete friends, some of whom have increased their exercise load, such as the duration of their marathon races, due to taking these anti-aging supplements.


We have a close friend in our circle who is now 50 years old and started running marathons. He attributes it to the supplements he's been using.


Huberman: That's fascinating.


I haven't started taking NMN yet, but I plan to begin on my next birthday, which is a few months away.


However, I've been experimenting on my older sister for many years. She is three years older than me and very enthusiastic about these anti-aging approaches.


After reading your book, I started buying and giving her NMN supplements.


She claims - and I believe her, as she has a very sensitive system and reacts well - that she feels much better when she takes these supplements compared to when she doesn't.


I've done control experiments by removing her supplements and then reintroducing them in another lab - that's what a little brother does, right? (laughs)


Currently, the price of NMN in the market is quite high, and whether NMN is an intelligence tax or not, Professor Sinclair has provided a rigorous and practical scientific answer.


We have systematically introduced the scientific methods of using these anti-aging supplements in the three parts of this series. Whether it's the dosage, timing, or method of intake, are you taking your NMN correctly?


If the method is wrong, your expensive NMN capsules might be wasted.


In our next issue, we will discuss substances that may decrease the effectiveness of anti-aging agents and common supplements that may accelerate aging.