Wholesale Purchasing Guide for NMN Material


In recent years, a "anti-aging supplement" called NMN (β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) has become very popular on the market. According to incomplete statistics, there are dozens of different brands of NMN anti-aging health products available for consumers to choose from on platforms like Amazon. However, as a wholesaler, selecting a high-quality, truly effective and safe, and compliant NMN manufacturer and distributor requires comprehensive research in terms of science, regulations, and production.


Humans have been searching for the elixir of immortality and rejuvenation throughout history, but it has always ended in failure. It was not until recent decades that scientific research gained a clearer understanding of the physiological mechanisms of aging, and scientists have demonstrated through numerous experiments that the lifespan of some animals can be greatly extended through biological means. In recent years, scientific research has also found that certain chemical substances in the body decrease with age, leading to aging in animals and humans. One such substance is coenzyme I or NAD+. Extensive experiments have shown that as age increases, the level of NAD+ in the body significantly decreases, leading to various age-related diseases such as reduced hearing and vision, declined heart function, and decreased physical strength. Mouse experiments have found that taking NMN (a natural compound found in animals and plants) can effectively increase the level of NAD+ in the body, helping to fight aging by enhancing energy metabolism, improving physical performance, and enhancing vision, without significant side effects. However, the number of human clinical trials of NMN in existing academic research is very limited, and currently only six universities, research institutions, and pharmaceutical and health care companies have published clinical trials of NMN on humans. From a market perspective, the commercialization of NMN health products in the United States and Japan between 2015 and 2016 has led to a rapid increase in sales of NMN health products in both countries. So, how can wholesalers and retailers choose and customize high-quality and regulated imported NMN health products?

In terms of compliance, China currently has the largest supply of NMN raw materials in the world, and wholesale and retail are relatively mature. It is strongly recommended to choose NMN raw material suppliers and wholesalers from China.

When wholesalers purchase legitimate imported NMN raw materials, they should pay careful attention to the production details of the raw materials and health products. The production status of NMN series health products from NMNSupplier brand is as follows:

NMN raw materials

The quality of raw materials for health products plays a crucial role in the quality of the final health products. Commercial production of NMN raw materials was first achieved in Japan a few years ago. Three years ago, Chinese manufacturers successfully commercialized the production of NMN, and China has now become the main producer and exporter of NMN health product raw materials in the world, mainly exporting to the United States. However, the quality of NMN raw materials from different Chinese manufacturers varies. Judging the quality of NMN raw materials mainly depends on whether the manufacturer is registered with the U.S. FDA, whether they have a GMP certificate, whether they have obtained the GRAS certificate recognized by the U.S. FDA, and whether human clinical trials have proven their efficacy and safety.

NMN raw materials from NMNSupplier have the following characteristics:

NMN raw materials are high-purity NMN raw materials produced in accordance with cGMP requirements at NMNSupplier's production base.

The production base has obtained an officially registered certificate from the FDA.

NMN raw materials have obtained the GRAS certificate recognized by the FDA.

NMN raw materials meet all quality and regulatory requirements for exporting to the United States. Several American health product companies currently purchase NMN raw materials from NMNSupplier.

NMNSupplier, in cooperation with its U.S. subsidiary Abin*, has just completed the world's largest human clinical trial of NMN. The results of the trial have shown for the first time in the world that NMN raw materials produced by NMNSupplier significantly increase the NAD+ content in the human body, enhance human physical fitness, improve overall health, improve biological age, and show no side effects when taken in doses of up to 900mg per day!


NMNSupplier NMN products

In addition to wholesale business, NMNSupplier's NMN capsule NMN products are imported into the United States from NMNSupplier's production of NMN raw materials and undergo strict quality inspections. They are then produced by the best local health product manufacturers in accordance with the FDA requirements. The factory has also obtained NSF GMP certification and has been invited multiple times to share their experience in health product production on NBC, a national television channel in the United States. After production is completed, the U.S. subsidiary applies for an export certificate from the FDA.