Is nad therapy pills worth it?


Is nad therapy pills worth it?

First, we need to know that nad can not be absorbed by human body because of the following two reasons:

(1) NAD can't be absorbed directly by cells to replenish intracellular NAD -- it has to be broken down into smaller precursors that can enter the cell, like NAM and NR 

(2) NAD does partly get broken down and absorbed, and partly excreted as NAD.


What we do NOT know is whether there could be any advantage to injecting NAD and hoping it breaks down into your favorite precursors, versus simply taking those precursors directly. The two have never been compared. However, I don't think there is a good reason to guess that IV therapy is either more effective or less expensive; in fact, just the opposite.


Here are quotes from four different studies that agree that NAD has to be broken down to enter cells:

*NAD is considered impermeable to the plasma membrane, and NAD administration cannot efficiently increase NAD levels. Therefore, NAD precursors...are utilized to increase NAD levels in rodents and humans...

*Increasing evidence indicates that NAD+ cannot enter cells directly through the plasma membrane and that it must be converted into smaller, less charged molecules to enter cells...

*NAD+ cannot be taken up directly by the cell, but its precursors can...

*NAD+ is highly polar and, like other nucleotides and dinucleotides, is not readily taken up by cells...


There is other scientific evidence on the effects of NAD+ and its promising effects on the neurobiology of addiction. It provides literature evidence that NAD+ can influence the neurobiology of addiction and may have benefits as an anti-addiction intervention.

Sobriety and Satiety: Is NAD+ the Answer?

In summary, nad therapy pills could be tried and what makes it effective is the smaller precursors that can enter the cell, like NAM and NR.